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Cabin Fever Waltz

Somethin' Special
Somethin' Special

Noel Paul Stookey
©2012 Neworld Music Publisihing

Sometimes in April, maybe it's May
It might be March, it's not easy to say
'Cause it's part of the madness that follows the sadness
After the holiday...

The clouds have turned gray and so has the view
The skunk and the bear are sleepin' on through...
But believe me dear, if you live around here
There's not much else to do (but the)

Cabin Fever Waltz
Kick off your slippers and hang up your shawl
Bow to your partner and then climb the wall...
(to the) Cabin Fever Waltz

Still in pajamas, you open the door
And look for that first sign of spring
You stroll through the snow though it's seven below
'Cause you think you can hear flowers sing

The Cabin Fever Waltz
Sometimes we stumble and sometimes we fall (but we)
Bow to our partners and then climb the wall...
To the Cabin Fever Waltz

I'm concerned about global warming
And the rise of the Antarctic Sea
But sometimes when the springtime's not springing
It sounds a little better to me...

So if you go south for the winter
Remember those left behind
And don't judge to quickly, if the locals get prickly
It's you who has stepped out of time (to the)

The Cabin Fever Waltz
(grab the) broom from the closet and dance down the hall
Bow to your partner and then climb the wall...
To the Cabin Fever Waltz...
To the Cabin Fever Waltz

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